Nancy Grace Slams Piers: 'It's Not Really Right for a Brit to Jump Up...To Us About Gun Control'

Nancy Grace blasted Piers Morgan on the latter's CNN program on Monday for unsurprisingly forwarding gun control in the middle of a panel discussion on the controversial Michael Dunn case: "It's not really right for a Brit to jump up and start talking to us about gun control." Morgan shot back by condescending to the HLN host specifically and to Americans in general: "It seems like it's entirely down to a Brit, because your lot can't sort out your own gun problems."

Grace, who is no stranger to controversy, interrupted the British native before he could finish his pro-gun control rant, and threw the American Revolution and the Constitution at the CNN host: [MP3 audio available here; video below]

NANCY GRACE: Oh, are you back on gun control again? If it weren't for the British, we wouldn't even have to have protections to carry guns. It was the British, way back when we founded America – they were running through all of our homes trying to take our stuff. So we're protected under the Constitution. So, it's not really right for a Brit to jump up and start talking to us about gun control.

The heated exchange over the Second Amendment began when Morgan asserted that "if [Michael] Dunn and [George] Zimmerman had not been carrying guns, then these two young boys – who were unarmed, as it turned out – regardless of any fear that may have been felt by the – the people shooting the guns, they would be alive, right?" Grace interjected her pro-gun rights remark when he started to lament "gun accessibility."

Morgan then turned to conservative talk show host Ben Ferguson, and changed the subject: "Let's not talk about gun control, because Nancy's made her statement, and I have riposted. Let's talk about racial profiling." However, the CNN host revisited the issue near the end of the segment, and tried to lecture Grace on the issue. Former Obama administration official and committed leftist Van Jones, who was on the panel as well, called for the repeal of Florida's stand your ground law as the two got in their parting shots at each other:

MORGAN: I'll leave you with this thought now, Nancy. Figures just out yesterday showed that the total number of gun murders in England and Wales for 2012-13 – for a year – 29, the lowest number-

GRACE: Just as you said earlier-

MORGAN: Wait – wait, Nancy-

GRACE: Mind your own business-

MORGAN: Wait – wait, Nancy. (Van Jones laughs) I'm going to just poke my nose into your business for a moment. Twenty-nine – twenty-nine-

GRACE: Mind your own business – be glad I'm not packing heat, Piers-

MORGAN: My viewers and your viewers are entitled to hear this whether you like it or not – 29 gun murders in one calendar year – the lowest since 1980 – that's 34 years-

GRACE: You know what, Piers?

MORGAN: America has 35 gun murders a day, Nancy-

GRACE: I spent my whole legal career fighting gun violence, so you're preaching to the choir – all right?

VAN JONES: Let me say one thing: I do believe-

GRACE: I spent my whole legal career fighting violence-

MORGAN: And let's do something about it together....

JONES: I do believe that in Florida – in Florida, I do believe that there should be a mind-your-own-business law. The stand your ground law, I think, should be repealed. There should be a mind-your-own-business law. Stop going after kids and challenging them, and trying to police their music – or whatever – and shooting them....

MORGAN: I'm totally in favor of that. Nancy, thank you so much for joining me.

— Matthew Balan is a News Analyst at the Media Research Center. Follow Matthew Balan on Twitter.