WashPost's Capehart: Republicans 'Told Women,' Minorities to 'Go Bleep Yourself'

Media Research CenterAppearing on the Monday, December 30, The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell on MSNBC, Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart charged that, in the year 2013, Republicans had "told" women, young people and minorities to "go bleep yourself" as he divulged his choices for "worst political move" of the year.

The special edition of the show assembled a panel of MSNBC regulars to assign awards in a number of categories for the year 2013. Picking up on the fact that Capehart had cheated in the first part of the segment by having two answers, host O'Donnell posed: "And, Jonathan Capehart, your two worst political moves?"

As panel members laughed, Capehart admitted that he did have two choices again, and first went after President Obama's staff over ObamaCare failures rather than to blame the President himself as he began:

The first worst political move, the staff of the President allowing him to go out there time and time again saying, "If you like your insurance, you can keep it." And then, also allowing him to go out there and talk about, you know, Healthcare.Gov, go here, you'll be able to get insurance, and everything will be fine. Terrible for the President.

He then turned to the GOP as he added:

The second one is the Republican Party. They put out an autopsy in March that said, unequivocally: You must do better with women, African-Americans, gays and lesbians, the youth, and what has the Republican Party done ever since then? Told women, African-Americans, Latinos, youth, gays and lesbians, to go bleep yourself.