What ObamaCare Disaster? NBC Continues Blackout of Failing Health Care Law

After going 72 hours without even mentioning ObamaCare on its air waves, NBC's continued refusal to cover the disastrous policy on Thursday's Nightly News or Friday's Today brought that total up to 96 hours. Amazingly, Friday's Today had the audacity to include two segments about Vice President Joe Biden buying lunch at a Washington D.C. sandwich shop rather provide any ObamaCare updates.

Even ABC's Good Morning America, a morning show generally devoid of all substance, managed to find time for at least a few seconds on the topic: "Speaking of President Obama, more trouble this morning for ObamaCare. The Wall Street Journal says it has obtained documents that show some insurance companies are drastically cutting payments to doctors. Forcing those doctors to reconsider whether they want to participate in the new exchanges, which could hurt choice for consumers."

Meanwhile, CBS reported on new ObamaCare developments throughout the week:

> Monday's CBS This Morning detailed the political damage done to Democrats from ObamaCare and the confusion caused by President Obama's suppose "fix" to allow people to keep cancelled insurance plans.

> CBS Evening News on Monday noted ongoing problems with HealthCare.gov website.

> On Tuesday, This Morning reported on revelations that the Obama administration knew of website problems as early as March.

> Evening News on Tuesday aired a report on those same revelations.

> Wednesday's This Morning focused on a "plunge" in the President's poll numbers because of ObamaCare.

> Wednesday's Evening News reported on those same numbers, including an interview with former White House chief of staff Bill Daley.

> On Thursday's Evening News, anchor Scott Pelley reported on California rejecting Obama's proposed fix to allow people to keep cancelled insurance plans.

> The only ObamaCare mention on Friday's This Morning was during a wrap up of the week's news at the end of the show.

If CBS could find time to at least mention ObamaCare in its news coverage each day, why couldn't NBC?

— Kyle Drennen is Senior News Analyst at the Media Research Center. Follow Kyle Drennen on Twitter.