Burn Notice: Make Them Good Spies Go Bad


I thought last episode was a whole new Michael Westen. Turns out we ain't seen nothing yet.Media Research Center

Honestly, I thought last week's episode was an aberration. If you'll recall, Michael killed an operative he was supposed to work with for the CIA. (Sure it was crazy Simon who had tried to blow up half of Miami, but still, on the side of the good guys.) With only three more episodes to go, there was no way Burn Notice would make such a dramatic turn with the main character.


Instead, the main character turns to a group we were lead to believe were the bad guys. So with Michael's friends and the USA on one side and Michael on the other, how do we root for? Which side should win?

I must applaud Burn Notice for this, though. One reason is that I don't think anyone can say with much certainty what will happen. It's like when Game of Thrones killed Ned Stark in season 1. After that, the gloves were off. The other reason is that real life often doesn't present neat little boxes for the "good guys" and "bad guys". Most issues are much more complex than that, and many tv shows don't bother with such complexities.

So bravo, Burn Notice for the extra drama and the added bit of realism. Such a shame that although there isn't much time left for the series, it sure is getting really good.