If Men Are So Bad, Why Be ‘Mistresses?’

Well, I suppose it was only a matter of time. In a show entitled “Mistresses,” it was only natural that they would eventually get around to making a strong man out to be a controlling, domineering character.

In this episode we find Savannah complaining that, before she mete her man, she used to be so able to do everything by herself, but eventually she couldn't even open the mail. Because, you know, a strong male in a relationship will seek to control everything.

Throughout the episode we find more and more instances of Savannah feeling helpless since her husband left (not doing the grocery shopping, struggling to hire a plumber, etc.). Heck, she even calls her estranged husband to fix the leaking shower (who, of course, can't do because he's “busy.” JERK!).

Fortunately, by the end of the show, we learn that a woman can take care of herself; we see Savannah having just finished assembling her baby's crib by herself. I was worried for a minute too, because if we didn't see that women could take care of themselves, we might have been left to conclude that they are no better than declawed cats. Thank goodness the writers at Mistresses are around to set us straight!

Oh, and one other thing we learn about these evil beasts called men: they can only settle conflict with their fists. April's formerly dead husband, Paul, and her current boyfriend, Richard, get into a fist fight when Richard goes to Paul's place to get him to leave town. Then Richard is so clueless that he can't understand why April doesn't want him to get into a fight with Paul. What a lout!

So to recap: strong men dominate the women in their lives, and they don't know how to solve problems without getting into a fist fight. Men are just such nasty beasts. Ugh.