Mistresses: When One Door Closes...

Media Research Center...another door opens upon a sordid affair. Or at least that's the implication I drew from this week's installment of Trashy Nighttime  Soap Opera.

This week , the hot and steamy affair between Joss and her French boss ended when the boss revealed he is moving back to France. Tant pis. But fortunately for our affair obsessed society, Mistresses's writers have provided us with another affair by having April make out with her formerly dead ex-husband.

But lest you think I can only heap condemnation upon this trashy nighttime soap opera, let me point out a few positives from this week's episode.

Firstly, I finally felt the first pangs of sympathy for one of the characters. When April's daughter went missing, I actually felt bad for April and saw a true character instead of a wishy-washy, indecisive, poor decision-making basket case. With April clutching her daughter's doll upon her daughter's bed, the writers finally gave us drama based upon real disaster instead of crappy decision-making.

Secondly, I noticed some salient points being made in a few situations. I mentioned earlier about Joss's affair with her boss. Well, when Joss is upset by her boss starting an affair when he knew he was going to leave, the boss points out that Joss wasn't looking for permanence and that she knew what she was getting into and that she was acting like a child.

Another example of reasonable situations is when Karen gets her medical license suspended for six months. Only six months is actually pretty generous when you consider she slept with a patient, prescribed morphine when she should not have, and admitted to being willing to assist her patient-lover's suicide if he asked. So even though she could have received a rougher punishment, it was good to see some level of accountability in this show.

Do these minor positives change my overall opinion of the show? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

No, but seriously. They don't. Not at all. But I'm nothing if not fair. So if I rip this show for the copious amounts of trashy smut that they put out, then I must at least praise them when they do something right.