Mistresses: Who Wants to Make the Worst Decision-aire

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Just. A. Few. More. Shows.

All. Most. There.

Gah! It's a good thing that I'm destined to go bald (Thanks Grandpa!) because otherwise I'd feel bad about all the hair that I'm ripping out while watching this show. I get that it's a nighttime soap opera, but does everyone in a soap have to constantly make self-destructive decisions?

If Mistresses was a game show, it would be called "Who Wants to Make the Worst Mistake?"

Heck, have a vote in the comments section below. Was it A: Joss sleeping with her boss while she's supposed to be hanging out with her lesbian partner's friend? B: Karen going completely against the advice of her lawyer? C: April's decision to tell her daughter about her father who she thinks is dead but really isn't? or D: some other cockamamie decision from this episode?

I'll give you my answer in a bit, but first I have to ask, was I the only one who was completely uncomfortable during the scene with Joss and her lesbian partner talking about Joss's desire to sleep with men again? It was just one uncomfortable innuendo after another with plenty of straight up disgusting thrown in for good measure.

Also, isn't being gay not a choice? Why, then, does Joss have to suppress her feelings for men? As a lesbian, shouldn't she not have a choice about her feelings? Even her lesbian partner admitted that she had to suppress feelings for men before.  That's not something you generally hear from the main stream media.

If I may, before I turn it over to your voting pleasure, submit my vote for the Worst Mistake contest. Clearly, the worst mistake was ABC's decision to green-light such a trashy, crude, and tasteless show.