Ignoring Social Conservatism

It's looking mighty weird at the front lines of America's sexual revolution, and the picture's that much murkier given the so-called "news" media's utterly distorted spin on it.

Exhibit A: Abortion. Would you be surprised if I told you abortion is growing increasingly unpopular, and the country is moving - no, running - from a woman's right to choose death for her unborn child? Soon the House and Senate will agree to a partial-birth abortion ban package and send it to the White House for President Bush's signature. Undoubtedly there are GOP strategists chewing their nails with angst over the anticipated political fallout, except they don't realize there won't be any.

Don't take my word for it. Listen to the pro-aborts. The Center for the Advancement of Women is headed by long-time abortion promoter Faye Wattleton. They just released a national survey on abortion and the results are devastating - for them.

They found that 51 percent of women feel that abortion should be limited to exceptions like rape, incest, or the life of the mother, or banned. No plurality, that. A clear majority of women are now pro-life! Worse news for the abortion lobby: While 92 percent of the sample want a women's movement to focus on domestic violence, only 41 percent believe in "keeping abortion legal as a top priority."

These numbers clearly are in juxtaposition with the public's perception of a pro-abortion rights public, a perception fed day after day, year in and year out by an overwhelmingly pro-abortion national news media. So what's the media's reaction when Wattleton releases her numbers shattering that myth?

Nothing from ABC. Nothing from NBC. Nothing from CBS. One interview on CNN. In other words, virtual silence.

What's fascinating is that this isn't the first time. Question: How many people know a Gallup poll in January found 60 percent wanted abortion illegal in most circumstances (compared to 34 percent for abortion in all or most circumstances)? Answer: About as many as know a New York Times (yes, the Times!) commissioned a poll in 1998 that found, among other incredible results, that a full 50 percent of women consider abortion to be nothing short of "murder."

Remember all this when liberal reporters hit the 2004 campaign trail and as predictable as snow in Aspen in December, start recycling the same old garbage about abortion being the hottest issue among women, and how "extremist" pro-life beliefs are hurting the Republican party.

Exhibit B: Homosexuality. If the pro-family community can cheer on abortion, they have to be weeping over this issue, especially since the Supreme Court overruled the Texas sodomy law, which had little practical effect but could have a massive cultural effect. It's one more in a steady stream of victories for the gay lobby as it seeks the ultimate prize. What would that be? Newsweek jumped into the fray last week with a cover story leading the charge: "Is Gay Marriage Next?"

The press bias in this debate is so thick, there is no debate, period. It is not just the quantity of news stories - a day doesn't go by where you won't find a story on this issue - it is in the rank editorialization. There are two camps - compassionate and right vs. bigoted and wrong. The message is everywhere: It is not just gays who have a "right" to their lifestyle, it is society which must accept it. No liberal media outlet would dare suggest, with the slightest whisper that maybe, possibly, "gay marriage" is an oxymoron.

The intimidation by the gay left is so intense, the pro-family position is regularly ignored by the press. Reporters act as if featuring opponents of homosexuality in a story would be like including the Ku Klux Klan in a story on race. The same pattern surfaces in media reports on polls on the same-sex marriage issue, with conservatives excluded entirely. In his report, CNN's Bill Schneider focused only on the growing pro-gay number, which grew from 27 percent in 1996 to 39 percent this summer. That's a jump, sure. But how is gay "marriage" a cultural juggernaut when 55 percent of Americans still oppose it?

The Supreme Court decision opens a whole new can of worms. Will Americans support a pro-active gay agenda of forced acceptance? Will they genuflect at the ballot box, or in the elementary school classroom, or, yes, even at the church altar to the Anthony Kennedy mandate that homosexuality is "entitled to respect"? Will religious objections to the homosexual lifestyle become the target of "hate crimes" laws?

The jury's out on public opinion. But we can be certain the pro-gay liberal media will favor this agenda every step of the way, just as they'll continue to ignore the pro-life juggernaut.