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Left-Wing Attack Machine Targets Glenn Beck's Advertisers

Groups want punitive action against the Fox News host, but his popularity shows no signs of waning.

Michael Jackson Owed $400 Million. Who's to Blame?

FNC analysts conclude Jackson's colossal debt came from lifetime of overspending and manipulative financial advisers.

'World News' Promotes Anti-Agribusiness Flick

ABC portrays 'Food, Inc.' documentary's claims about contamination as true nature of modern industry farming, cites recent beef recall.

Yawn: Michael Moore Takes up Tired Task of Bashing Wall Street

Documentary filmmaker and media darling slated to mock bailouts with upcoming film.

Newest Economic Indicator: Comic Strip Character Dilbert Gets Fired

Cartoonist Scott Adams has iconic office loser let go from his job to 'reflect' the reality of hard times.

CNBC's Erin Burnett's Revelation: Snuggie Sales Prove TV isn't Dead

'Squawk on the Street' co-host points to the 4 million Snuggie sales as proof that the Web isn't conquering television as medium.

GMAC Continues Sponsorship of Bowl Game Despite $5 Billion Taxpayer Bailout

Auto lender maintains naming rights to annual New Year's sporting event with reported price tag of $500k.

Networks Steer Ford Stories to 'Hard Times,' Ignoring Other Firms on Track

Broadcasters portray an industry running out of gas, but other automakers are doing well in United States.

NBC's 'Today' Gives Voice to Class Envy in Hollywood

Reporter highlights complaint of Academy Award announcer about actors but ignores man's movie work.
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