ABC Ignores Role Huge Taxes Play in Driving Black Market on Smokes

Reporter failed to ask New York's top lawyer if $3-a-pack tax rates have encouraged tax evasion.

ABC Labels Litigious Food Police a 'Consumer Group'

Industry critic CSPI's lawsuit escaped critical review on 'World News Tonight'

Only Government Can Fix Health Care

Liberal Bias: ABC News Spends a Week Campaigning for Single-Payer, Canadian-Style Health Care

Media Malpractice on Texas Health Care

State Comptroller Not Allowed To Respond, Even Though She Was Cited As Source By Gore Backers

The Media Allow No Conservative Idealism

TV Reports Sell "Bill of Rights" Terminology, Stress Link Between GOP Opposition and Insurance Cash

Only Liberal HMO Solutions Allowed

Networks Push for New Regulations of Managed Care, Disregard Free Market Ideas

Notable Quotables - 06/06/1994

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