2015 Emmys Host Andy Samberg Touches On All Liberal Talking Points in His Opener

2015 Emmy host Andy Samberg made sure to touch on all current lib talking points for his opener tonight: diversity, the wage gap, Donald Trump's racism, and even Kim Davis!

But the big story this year, of course is diversity. This is the most diverse group of nominees in Emmy history, so congratulations, Hollywood, you did it! [ Applause ] Yeah. Racism is over! Don't fact check that. [ Laughter ] Of course, given our history, being more diverse than ever isn't always saying that much. I bet on the day of Jackie Robinson's first game, the baseball commissioner was like, "This year's Brooklyn dodgers are the most diverse ever in history! You know, it's good." The wage gap between men and women hired for major roles in Hollywood is still an issue. Wait a minute, I misread that the age gap between men and women in Hollywood is a major issue. Wait, again. Both. Still both. So, crappy on two fronts. Donald Trump, of course is running for president, to the delight of uncles everywhere. [ Laughter ] But I've gotta say, sure, Donald Trump seems racist. What else? [ Laughter ] Sidenote, is it just me, or does Bernie Sanders always look like his flight is delayed? [ Laughter ] The guy's a mess. It was announced that Arnold schwarzenegger is taking over as the host of "The apprentice." Weird that he's not hosting "To catch a predator." I mean, he's got the experience. The guy killed so many predators. I guess he knows what he's doing. [ Laughter ] Paula Deen is on this season of "Dancing with the stars." But I gotta say, if I wanted to see an intolerant lady dance, I would have gone to one of Kim Davis's four weddings. [ Laughter ] [ Applause ] It's so ironic that she came out of jail to "Eye of the tiger" when you consider how many dudes have boned each other to that song.

Hollywood may have achieved diversity, but apparently still falls short when it comes to originality.