And the Big 'Wayward Pines' Boogeyman is ... Global Warming!


The Fox TV show 'Wayward Pines' is an M. Night Shyamalan mystery-thriller, which means that all is not as it seems and there are major plot twists and turns. If you don't want the 6th episode 'Choices' or the series spoiled, don't read any further!


Last week's big reveal was that the reason the town of Wayward Pines is so Orwellian, insular, and creepy is that the elites are hiding the fact that the year is actually 4028, the people living in the town have all been cryogenically frozen for 2000 years, and they are the only humans left on the planet.

This week, we hear more explanation from the scientist and creator of the town, Dr. David Pilcher. And the reason he had to save humanity from extinction is ... drum roll, please ... man-made global warming, of course!


We'd left the old world in the year 2014 and went to sleep for 2,000 years. According to my algorithms, that would be enough time for the environment to reset, for the planet to thrive after all the humans had died out and stopped destroying it. We would have a second chance.

So there you have it. We better stop destroying the planet or humans will go extinct, mutating into animal-like creatures, leaving an evil genius scientist to kidnap people to repopulate the earth in 2 millennia!

The global warming boogeyman strikes again!