The Blacklist: Citas y Preguntas

Well this sucks. Between the quotes and the questions to come, I'm bumping against my word ceiling. Unfortunately, I am not Congress and don't have the power to raise it. You will simply have to miss out on my scintillating invective about the gruesome turn The Blacklist is taking. Lo siento.


Red Quotes

I don't have the space to break them down, but Red has the best quotes. If you disagree, go jump off a cliff.

  • "Every time you 'meet', someone ends up dead." "We've gotten off to a rocky start." "You've killed three people." "I'm not perfect."
  • "You're talking about a drug dealer." "I'm talking about a friend; a philosopher who practices an ancient ritual going back thousands of years."
  • "He knows you better than I do, and I know where that lovely little freckle is."
  • "Let me put your mind at ease. I'm never telling you everything."
  • "But if you screw me on this-" "I'll consider it a bonus."

Major Questions/Feeble Forecasts

  1. Who are surveilling Elizabeth and Tom, and what do they want? We are now up to two people surveilling Tom and Elizabeth, our mystery apple eater and some other random schmow.  I have no clue who they are or what their motivations are at the moment, but that won't stop me from making a rash prediction. I'll say that they are or are a part of an organization that is Red's ultimate enemy.  Which leads us to...
  2. Who is Red's ultimate enemy? Boy, that came out of nowhere. I mean, sure, it makes sense that he would have a powerful enemy. And, yes, it would explain why he went to the FBI if he felt threatened by such an enemy. But still... talk about leftfield. Great twist. My guess here is that we finally get a face or name of the adversary by the winter break.  Tom is involved in some way too. Speaking of Tom...
  3. What do Tom and Elizabeth do now that they both know what the other has been hiding? I'm cheating a bit here, since the previews showed Tom getting taken into custody. A better question would have been: what is Tom's overall role. Why didn't I use that question instead? ¡cállate! Anyways,  I think Tom is simply screwed. The previews showed us he has another lover, but he goes into FBI custody. That can't end well. I think he is the first link to unraveling who the mystery adversary of Red is.  

Well, I am still long, but I like everything I have said. I hope you have too.

Pardonéme, señor Word Count Overlords.