Boy, Revenge Escalated Quickly

Hope you were buckled in last night because Revenge came back from its break with a vengeance. Vengeance, of course, being the necessary sequel or prequel to flesh out all the twists and turns that is Revenge.

First, there was Patrick's father, Jimmy Brennan. We had only just been introduced to him in the episode before the break. The intrigue of his alleged rape of Victoria which produced Patrick seemed as though it would produce a long story arch. (I use allege, because this episode seemed to cast doubt on the validity of Victoria's version of events that we heard her tell Patrick in the previous episode.)

The rise and fall of the Roman Empire this story line was not. More like the rise and fall of the Soviet Union – short lived, but dominating headlines in the moment. And much like the end of the USSR, the conclusion of this story line was confusing, chaotic, and came out of nowhere. One moment we were listening to two people give two very different versions of a sexual encounter, and then bing, bang, boom Jimmy's on the ground dying in a pool of his own blood. Boy, that escalated quickly.

Then, there was Emily's blackouts. Again, we were introduced to the blackouts in the episode before the break. Unlike Jimmy Brennan, however, they seem set to continue on Revenge. No, what surprised me about the blackouts was that we went from them likely occurring because of brain swelling to OMG my mom was incurable crazy and I might be too! Quite a shift in severity. Boy, that escalated quickly.

Finally, we got the bombshell ending of the episode: (SPOILERS) Conrad's first wife, Stevie Grayson, is Jack Porter's mother! I don't even... Where did this come from? This isn't out of left field, it's out of the cheap parking lot 4 blocks away from the stadium. I must admit, it did pique my curiosity about where this revelation would take us, but, boy, did that escalate quickly.