CBS' 'Zoo' Speaks Of God And Prayer In A Positive Way

Last night’s 2-hour episode of CBS’ ‘Zoo’ titled ‘Eats, Shoots and Leaves; Wild Things’ surprised me in a very pleasant way. Not only did the show’s producers kick things up a notch with exciting fight scenes and interrogations that reminded me of one of my favorite old shows ’24,’ but also they spoke of religion in a non-negative way, which is outright shocking given this is a network show and a show populated with militant animal activist characters.

Here, safari guide Abraham (Nonso Anozie) travels in a territory overrun by African animals that have decided to start killing humans for sport. As he drives, frightened, he has the same experience that many non-believers have when they in desperation of one sort or another decide to come to Jesus. Here’s the clip:


>> God, forgive me. I have not been a religious man. But... If you get us out of this, I promise that will change. Just give me a sign.


This next clip shows animal pathologist and general atheist hippy Mitch (Billy Burke) as he attempts a last-ditch effort to inject the “cure” into an infected dog that has been attacking humans. Again, in the face of certain death and the end of the world, Mitch invokes God in his plea:


>> All right. Well, here we go. This is it. Hope to God we were right.

>> I have to find Jackson.


Bravo, CBS for having the courage to let the characters in your show pray in their time of need, just like most people do in real life.

The next clip does not have to do at all with religion, but I really got kick out of it. Later in the show the main characters celebrate, having accomplished their goal of finding the cure for the infected animals, and having not gotten eaten in the process. Safari guides Abraham (Nonso Anozie) and Jackson (James Wolk), who have exhibited themselves as vigilante anti-hunters in the previous episodes, have apparently learned a few things after having the tables turned and being hunted themselves. You’d think with this being Hollywood that they would go strict vegan by now, right? Happily, that is not the case:


>> You know, I made a... Great many promises to God in Zimbabwe.

>> You gonna keep 'em? I think all but one.

>> Did it involve women?

>> (Chuckles): No, it involved hamburger. And it was made in haste on your behalf. I think you'll be making your own promises from now on.

>> Oh... No, no, no, no. No. As soon as we land, hamburger, two cold beers-- not negotiable. (Chuckles)

>> Uh, please tell me that after everything we've been through, you guys aren't seriously gonna eat a hamburger.

>> Oh, I'm eating the hamburger.