The (Dim) View is Duped by Christian Sex Hoax

The gals on The View had quite the time on Monday yucking it up over a Texas pastor who preached that that women who use the Lord’s name during sex should be sent to prison. They laughed at the backward Christians and wondered how they thought people got here if not for sex.

One problem: It was a hoax – complete and total. No Texas pastor ever said that. The article that purportedly broke the story was satire. Whoopi Goldberg brought it up on The View on Monday, because she had bought a phony story that reinforced her prejudice against believing Christians.

And the others played along, unleashing a supernova of silly. Newly-minted, full-time host Raven Simone proved she’s going to add intellectual heft to The View’s insightful discussions.

Really, Raven? Religious people don’t like sex? So, when God expressly directed his people to “Be fruitful and multiply,” what he really meant was grow pineapples and do math? In Simone’s world, intercourse, occurring in a committed relationship with two people who are willing and able to take care of children, is not sex. It’s more like Jenga. Or Yahtzee.

Someone should tell the extremely large and very Christian Duggar (20 kids) Bates (19 kids) and Heppner (17) families that they’re doing it wrong.