E!News Covers Miley Cyrus’ Free the Nipples Pictures … Barely

From the Useless Celebrities file:

Thursday, E!News reported that activist and deep thinker Miley Cyrus is on a crusade to post pictures of her bare breasts all over Instagram because equality, or something.

Cyrus joined Scout Willis, actress, super-genius and daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, in a “not safe for work” (NSFW) photo shoot Wednesday where each posed half nude for photographer Mert Alas. The pictures were intentionally vulgar and explicit, such as one image where Mert Alas places a thumb over Cyrus’’s nipple while she sticks her tongue out. He captioned the Instagram photo: "Free nipples free me @mileycyrus #love #lovenipples #mylittlethumb.”

E!News noted that Scout Willis had begun her topless protest against cultural norms last year when she began posting graphic photos on Instagram, which caused the photo-sharing app to delete her account. Willis is quoted as stating “There are also some people who would criticize my choice to relate nipples with equality at all … To me, nipples seem to be at the very heart of the issue.” E!News of course put very little effort into editing these photos, which it presented online as well as on television. The show paraded several images of this photo shoot with minute star stickers covering the freed nipples … hardly enough to make the images appropriate for the networks many young viewers.

It’s time for E!News to be more responsible concerning the extent of explicit material it broadcasts to its unprepared audience.