Four Shows Worth Watching for Their Soundtracks Alone

Music has always been a big part of television. But, let’s face it, some shows do it better. While many sitcoms and dramas rely on beats to merely fill in the background, these four shows represent musically distinct TV shows that allow the tunes to occasionally steal the spotlight.

FOX’s new series, Empire, is about power hungry family dynamics and the music industry. This show features musical styles of rap, R&B, and hip hop. If you want to listen to artists that embody this show’s music genre, look no further than the Empire cast (as produced by Timbaland), Lil’ Kim, and Estelle.

Nashville (ABC) is another current show that covers the music industry and the rise to fame. As may be inferred from the title of the series, this drama is all about country, country, country. That said, there are often pop and rock elements included to keep things fresh and interesting. If you want to listen to this style of music, check out The Band Perry, Bert Crow, Roseanne Cash, and (of course) the Nashville cast.

Scandal (ABC) is a drama centered around Washington DC with power struggles and love affairs and plenty of real-world political commentary. Nevertheless, this show has a distinctive take on the music scene for television. Scandal exhibits soundtracks with reliable influences of Motown, funk, and R&B. If you’re in the mood for some soul music, lend an ear to Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, The Isley Brothers and Marvin Gaye.

The CW’s show Reign is a historically inaccurate, sexual, teen mystery that is somehow supposed to be about Mary Queen of Scotts in her younger years. Reign is successful in its musical selection, highlighting the moody and thematic teenage mind, with modern rock, singer/songwriter folk rock, and abstract heavy beats. Songs that reflect the music lineup for Reign would include SOHN, Oak & Gorski, Holley Maher, and Tim Myers

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