I Found the One Place Where the Terrorists are Losing, and it's on FX's 'Tyrant'

It’s been kind of a rough couple millennia for Christians in the Middle East. Whether faced with persecution from Jews, Romans, Palestinians, Syrians, Egyptians, Iraqis, or ISIS, the common denominator has always been Christians remaining strong and showing unbelievable courage, but pretty much living in a world where everyone and everything tries to kill them.

Enter FX’s series, Tyrant. Tuesday night’s episode, titled Fathers and Sons, provided us with a pleasant departure from the historical Middle Eastern norm. In other words, this time the terrorists are the ones who get blown up.

In this scene “Khalid” aka Barry Al-Fayeed (Adam Rayner) leads of a band of fighters called The Red Hand, who oppose the terrorists. As he hides on a roof top with his soldier, waiting for the terrorists who are coming to kidnap Christian families to arrive so he can blow them up, Khalid and his soldier have a really cool heart-to-heart about how things weren’t always bad between the Christians and Muslims:


>> Detonators are armed.

>> Say when.

>> They should be here soon.

>> They marked all the Christian houses.

>> We grew up with the Christians. They were our friends. Our neighbors. We all got along, but now...

>> Okay, here they come.

But enough of the harkening back to the days when Christians weren’t running for their lives. Here come the terrorists who try to kill them, and a pretty major problem arises when Khalid sees his spy amongst the terrorists. Forced to accompany the terrorists, the spy knows that the Christians’ homes are rigged with bombs.



>> Open up. This is the army of the Caliphate.

>> Just break it down!

>> Kasim... Kasim!

>> Open up!

>> (Panting): I'm feeling sick.

>> Wait, wait, wait.

>> They're almost inside. They'll see it's wired.

>> I know. I know. I'll tell you when.

>> You've got a problem?

>> Now.

>> I put my neck on...

>> Kasim! Kasim...

>> He's alive. Let's go.

Pretty awesome when the good guys win isn’t it? Need more of that.