‘The Last Ship’ Isn’t Afraid to Call Israel Our Ally

‘The Last Ship’ is just an awesome show. Let me count the ways: the U.S. military is featured as the driving force for good in a world gone mad, crooked politicians are brought to justice by sailors bent on restoring order, and we get to watch Adam Baldwin beat up crooked cops and drop really cool lines like: “Get me something to shoot!”

Now we can add another reason why ‘The Last Ship’ rocks: They might be the only people outside of the GOP who aren’t afraid to call Israel an ally of this country.

In this scene from last night’s episode, the crew picks up two new members. One is an Australian Special Forces operator, the other is a no-nonsense member of the Israeli Defense Force:

-Gentlemen. Now I know how much all of you like carrying a load, but the truth is we could use a little help. So I want to introduce you to two of our new team members. Both of these sailors were part of the Navy's special warfare joint operation training program in Norfolk when shit hit the rotors about three months ago. They volunteered to join us on our mission south. Senior chief Taylor, royal Australian Navy. 

-You can call me Wolf. 

-He is the real deal. A diver, E.O.D. Expert, and all-around operator. 

-Proud to join the team.

-Welcome aboard. Hey, Wolf. Tex.

-And this is Lieutenant Ravit Bivas. Israeli defense forces -- expert diver and intelligence operator.

-Wow. We are a regular coalition of the living. 

-That's right. Now let's make our new friends feel welcome, show 'em the ropes. That is all. 

-Hey, man.

- Lieutenant Burk, Carlton. You know, when I was deployed in the Gulf, I spent some time outside Tel Aviv, a town called Gi-va-tayim. 

-[ Israeli accent ] Givatayim.



Okay, maybe not the most socially graceful of allies, but an ally nonetheless.

However, the team would find a way to put that rough first meeting aside, and get about the business of killing the pirates trying to steal the cure for the epidemic that’s wiped-out 80% of humanity, before the end of the show.


Tex: This is it. This is the lab. We got company. I can't tell how many. … I got eyes on three. 

-Fine. Make sure they're clean head shots. We wanna preserve the lab. 

-On my count.

-Copy that. Ravit? Ravit? 

Ravit: Hey, hey. What are you doing here? Looking for the cure? I'll give it to you. 

Tex: Good shoot.  Nice move. 

Bravo, Last Ship. I can’t remember the last time I saw the Israeli military portrayed positively.

So as we get ready to open an embassy in Havana, while still not having one in Jerusalem, we can all dwell on the reality that a TNT television show has a better understanding of who our true allies are than the President of the United States does.