'Mistresses' Airs the First Polyamorous Kiss in a Church in Television History!

Yikes! Not content to push the envelope with prime time TV's first polyamorous relationship, ABC's 'Mistresses' just went even further over the line with this same sex kiss between the two women in the threesome relationship - in a church, right in front of a priest!

In the episode "Love is an Open Door," main character Karen is justifiably trying to keep her shameful secret that she's in a relationship with a married couple from the priest at the church where she ironically leads a marriage therapy group. But then in waltzes Vivian, the other woman in the triad, calling her "sweetie" and giving her a big ole kiss on the lips in front of him, as if it's totally normal to flaunt your polyamorous relationship in the House of God.



 -Karen: Father John, I'm so sorry. I hate being late, but I don't have a watch on today, and I left my phone at my, uh [exhales deeply] Friend's house this morning.
-Father John: It's okay. It's no sin to have a boyfriend. Just because you're counseling married couples doesn't mean you have to be married yourself. [ Chuckles ]
-Karen: Now, um... Vivian!
-Vivian: I was hoping you didn't change your schedule. I rushed home to get my earbuds, and I saw your phone on the kitchen counter, and I just knew you'd be going crazy without it.
-Karen: Ah. You really shouldn't have gone to so much trouble.
-Vivian: It was no trouble at all, sweetie. Hi. I'm Vivian. How are you?
-Father John: Blessed. I'm father John. Nice to meet you.
-Vivian: Likewise. Well, I don't want to take up any more of your time, so I'll see you at home later. [ Smooches ] Bye.
-Father John: I apologize. I-I never should've assumed that you had a boyfriend. But I want to reassure you that we are very Progressive here. There's at least three other homosexual couples in the congregation that I know of. We welcome everyone.
-Karen:  don't --
-Father John: You know what? We're having a mixer tomorrow night. Bring Vivian.