Mistresses: Season Finale

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Well, it took a while, but Mistresses has finally impressed me. I didn't think it was possible, but the show has proved me wrong. It took on a challenge and succeeded with stunning results.

I'm talking, of course, about making Alyssa Milano look unattractive. Seeing her in the hospital after that car wreck, I wasn't sure if that was Alyssa Milano or a Picasso painting.

Other than that impressive feat, however, there was not much impressive with the season one finale. We saw women being stereotyped as fickle, foolish, and fatally swayed by emotion. There were sequences that didn't make any sense. (I get that Savy was upset after hearing the news about Harry stealing the paternity results, but she didn't even take a peak to get onto the busy road she had just pulled off of??? Really???) And of course it wouldn't be a season finale without the cliched 'someone got shot but we don't see who it is until next season' scene.

We were, however, presented with yet another 'do the opposite of whatever the Mistresses characters do' moment. Can't let that rarity pass by without comment.

The moment I'm talking about is at the beginning of the show when April confides in her girlfriends about making out with her ex-husband Paul. She tells them about her mixed feelings for Paul and current-boyfriend Richard.

Naturally, her friends tell her to go with the man who has been nothing but good to her and have nothing to do with the deadbeat dad who actually faked his death to get away from his family.

So who do you think April chose?

Right, Paul. Wait! Whaaaa?!?

That's right, boys and girls, she choose Paul and broke up with Richard because aldfajsdlfjas. (Seriously, I've got no clue why she'd make that decision. None whatsoever.) Then, in the least shocking moment of this cliched episode, Rachel finds out that Paul is running away from his new woman with whom he has a son. Naturally.

I see two morals from that story. One, listen to your friends. When they are all telling you the same thing, it probably is a good idea. Two, cheaters always cheat; liars always lie. Let me know any other tidbits you thought could be redeemed from this feckless show in the comments below.