Modern Family: And One to Grow On

Season 5 Episode 11

I like to consider myself an intelligent, well-versed person. I believe that I generally understand high-minded ideas and appreciate a wide swath of culture and humor. Of course, whether any of that is actually true isn't the point. The point is that's what I like to think about myself.

But sometimes things just don't make sense to me. When that happens, I'm simply left asking...


Why is it okay to portray gay men stereotypically (a la portraying them as snarky, caddy, teenage girls; see video below) for a laugh, but if I write something that criticizes gay men as typically being snarky and effeminate, I'm homophobic? Is it just me or does that seem like a double standard?

Why couldn't Modern Family resist the cheap humor of (pardon my bluntness) a masturbation joke? It's not like it was even subtle either. Maybe my mind just constantly resides in the gutter (a definite possibility), but the jokes wasn't a clever double entendre but just straight up gutter humor.  I could forgive a crude joke in the premier primetime slot if it was well-crafted. This one wasn't. Not even close. And it's such a shame that they messed up a pretty funny episode with a such weak, unclever joke.

Why can I not find a third question to ask about this episode to complete the gimmick? I'm such a failure...