Modern Family, Major Plot Problems

What has an absurdly negative attitude toward Modern Family and a blogging column?


Now, most sane people would focus on the brilliant lines or comedic gold from this episode. But that's so... boringly predictable. Instead, let's focus on one problem from a minor scene in last night's episode.

You can check the scene out below, but for those of you with religious convictions against watching video (and why are you reading a blog about a TV show anyways???), I won't recap. I tried, but it took too many words. Watch the dang video.  I will provide background though.

Earlier in the show, Mitchell handed Cam a can of soda which sprayed all over Cam when he opened it. Throughout the show, Cam tries to get Mitchell to admit he shock the can, but Mitchell continues to deny it.

And so we reach the scene in question. My problem with this scene is that Mitchell shouldn't have and I can't see him realistically confessing to shaking the first soda. Mitchell seems much more likely to either open the soda pointing towards Cam, demand that Cam open this soda to prove it wasn't shaken, or simply get his own soda. Mitchell is neurotic, planning controller and doesn't seem the type to be taken in by such a simple ruse.

I simply cannot accept the ending to this episode. Modern Family's writers had better get their stuff together. If they want to extend their piddling four-Emmys-in-a-row streak, they can't have these types of massive plot screw ups. HA-rumph!