Prattling On

Baddie Madeline Pratt shown hanging out with conservative politicians John Boehner and Allen West.

The Blacklist

With the ending of the fabulous Sochi Olympics,* we can finally return to our regularly scheduled programming. To sustain its momentum (and more importantly viewers' eyeballs), NBC kicked off the week with their mega-blockbuster vocal competition, The Voice, and what I consider to be the best new show on TV this year, The Blacklist.

I'm sure The Voice continued to do Voice-y things (i.e. keep showing up American Idol), but I'm more concerned about The Blacklist. What? Did you think you were going to read a recap of The Voice when you clicked on the blog about The Blacklist? You think I'd give you the ol' bait 'n switch? What do I look like? A politician?

Anyhoo, The Blacklist. Was it just me or did it seem like something was off with the show last night? Perhaps, I'm on Olypmic-withdrawal (that's a real medical thing), or maybe it's because I'm fighting off the tail end of a cold (less medically sound), but this episode just felt pretty bland, fairly typical. Another bad guy, another capture, another fight in Elizabeth's marriage, and on and on it went. Heck, NBC even dug deep into the tried and true treasure trove of conservative bashing. Props for the subtle insinuation though. I missed Ms. Pratt haning out with congressmen Ted Cruz (not pictured), John Boehner and Allen West (pictured above).

Now even Captain Cranky Pants over here has to admit there were some positives - well, really only one. James Spader. In a way, he too gave a typical performance. The only difference is that his typical performances in this show have been utterly captivating. Last night was no different.

So I am only left to hope that next week's episode will be better, and that I am not sick. Am I being too harsh? Give your take on this episode in the comments below.

*But not toooooo fabulous of an Olympics.