Revenge Full of Twists

Well, it's official. Father Paul is dead, and with him Conrad's notion that he should repent. #WelcomebackConrad!

But that was just the first couple of minutes from this episode, and this baby had much bigger twists than that one.

First, Patrick is a bastard. Well, yes, literally, but also figuratively. Brilliant work by him and Victoria to take over the art show. Horribly conniving. Can't endorse that type of behavior. But really quite a brilliant plan.

But that isn't even the biggest Grayson twist. For that we gotta bring back #Welcomeback Conrad as he learns that he isn't really sick. If surviving the wreck wasn't a big enough shot in the arm for him, this new revelation makes him divinely cocky. Literally. He thinks he beat God. Should make for an interesting humbling. Especially with someone trying to kill him now... Cocky vs Sneak Attacks. Can't wait to see how this one plays out.

Speaking of played out. Was any one surprised that Nolan and Patrick made out? Disappointed? Sure. Disgusted? Yes. Surprised? Not at all. The sexual tension has been there for a week or two already, and it was only a matter of time till ABC went full-throated with their pro-gay agenda.

Still, I thought this episode was pretty good. I loved seeing Conrad back to his imperious self, enjoyed Emily and Daniel's fight, and thought that the questions we were left with (who is trying to kill Conrad and why does Aiden tell Conrad that Jack is out to get him) should set up the next few episodes quite nicely.