Revenge: Hatred

Season 3 Episode 13

Revenge Season 3 posterI like history. Find it utterly fascinating. The whys and what ifs of history are possibilities that can lead down any number of intriguing avenues. Of course, none of those possible new outcomes are provable, but debating those outcomes is just as enjoyable as crafting different scenarios.

Now, I tend to prefer the intrigues of wars and political history to art or cultural developments. So you'd think I'd love the Cold War because it combines hot wars and the cold art of political manipulation.

I don't.

Recent history is too politicized for my taste, and the Cold War doesn't spark my imagination like the Civil War or the fall of Byzantium. Still, the Cold War offers much intrigue--never a bad thing in my book.

Perhaps this explains my renewed enjoyment of Revenge.

Let me explain my sudden pivot to the topic on which I'm actually supposed to write. (tres passe, I know.)

After Daniel shot Emily in the fall finale, the old cat and mouse game gave way, and in its place returned clear battle lines between two sides with enough leverage to destroy the other, but doing so would doom his or her self. Mutually assured destruction anyone???

Yet those battle lines, much like the Cold War, were pushed, and like the Cold War, the other side responded. Russian-backed North Korea attacks --> US counters with troops of their own. Daniel flaunts his mistress Sarah --> Emily brings in Sarah's mother to shame her and destroy her emotionally.

The point counter-point between Emily and Daniel is a captivating subplot that overwhelms all other points. Seriously, they could air Hypnotoad for the rest of the show, and I'd still comeback to watch the chess match between Daniel and Emily.

Game on!