Revenge: Homecoming

Season 3 Episode 11

Revenge Well, it could have been worse.

In an episode that was one argument short of the cycle, Revenge remained above the muck and mire that is the prime time soap opera.*

At the beginning of the episode, Emily has complete and utter amnesia, and at that point, it seemed like we were doomed for that soap opera-esque story line. But fortunately, Revenge had the common sense to return Emily's memory to her at the end of the episode, keeping Revenge away from being a prime time soap opera and providing a compelling hook for next week's episode. (And who was that mysterious, fake nurse that planted one on Aiden anyways??? WE NEED ANSWERS, PEOPLE!!!!)

But as I mentioned earlier, this episode featured a trifecta of shouting matches. So without further ado, here's my ranking of the verbal spats.

Victoria and Lydia

It shouldn't surprise anyone that the flaunted mistress and the current wife get upset. We almost got a true cat fight when Victoria attacked Lydia after she spilt wine on Victoria's chair. Sadly, Lydia was held back, and the fight was over before it ever really got started. Ranking: Schoolyard squabble

Nolan and Patrick

This one seemingly came out of nowhere. One moment they are caring for each other, and the next, Nolan puts Patrick in an awkward situation right in front of his mother. (N.B . the "it's her or me" choice rarely ends well) Patrick chooses not to completely abandon his mother which leads to a breakup fight back at Nolan's place. The stakes of the fight were high, but the overall energy of the scene was subdued. Ranking: High school drama

Conrad and Daniel

Conrad and Daniel's spat is a thing of beauty. It starts off slow and measured. Conrad comes in with an air of a patronizing savior. To his shock, Daniel isn't thankful for his "salvation", and the shouting match goes nuclear, with Conrad vowing never to help his son again. Props to Daniel for not backing down in this match. He easily could have been railroaded by his father, but he held his own quite well in this verbal joust. Ranking: Heavyweight prize fight

*I'm looking at you, Mistresses