Revenge Makes Them Good Girls Go Bad

In any dualistic philosophy, two competing powers exist - one evil and one good. Christianity has God and Satan, Chinese philosophy has yin and yang, and even ancient religions in Egypt and Persia had dualistic principles.

Dualism can be a comforting thing, knowing one force competes with the other. We can draw battle lines and make sense of what's happening in our lives. Removing one of those forces makes understanding life even easier.

Revenge seems hell-bent on doing away with any semblance of dualism and merely providing us with one example after another of humanity at its worst. When every character is devious, selfish and conniving, it makes it hard to root for anyone.

Should I praise Sara for telling Daniel that she won't be a homewrecker at the start of the episode? That praise would ring hollow by the end of the episode when she sleeps with Daniel.

Would you have me praise Conrad for giving advice to his son that he thinks will help his marriage? I'd rather watch the Cowboys beat my Eagles every day of the year than commend anyone who encourages extra-marital affairs.

What about the conniver-in-chief (sorry Obama, you'll have to do better to get that title), Emily Thorn? I don't for one second believe that she is actually pregnant. Is anything worse than lying about being pregnant in order to marry someone? Sure (the Holocaust comes to mind), but that's still a horrible thing to do.

Time (and more importantly space) eludes me or I could go on about the schemes of Aiden, Victoria, Charlotte, and more.

But I will leave you with one final thought before Revenge's three-week hiatus...

I have no thought. I just wanted to find a way to fit in that Revenge's next new episode will be in three weeks. Evan out.