Revenge Recap Season 3 Episode 9: Surrender

What a night! Not one, but two fairly important thorns in Emily's plot reveal themselves AND a positive message??? Sacre bleu!

Bravo to Daniel for trying to do the right thing and marrying the girl he thinks is pregnant with his child. Him telling Sarah that he can't leave his pregnant fiancée for her because he didn't want his kid to grow up in a broken home was downright uplifting. Can a kid turn out alright from a broken home? Sure, but as one who's had significant years on both sides of the fence I can tell you that having a father and a mother who love each other in the same house is far and away better to any alternative.

Two Teases: What They Mean

  1. Lydia finds another copy of the picture with Emily in the background. Lydia's back, and I'm only speculating here* but finding that picture can't be good news for Lydia. Clearly, she still has it out for Emily, and now without malice for Conrad. But people that cross Emily tend to end up dead, in jail or on the run . Not good news, indeed. This should make for an interesting plot twist in the fall finale, but with the previews and flash-forward showing Emily being shot, I'm skeptical about just how deeply this thorn will take root.
  2. Victoria refuses to come to the reception. Well, I assume it's the reception anyways since the previews for next week's show have Victoria at the ceremony. She could still turn up at the reception though. Who knows? This thorn could, could massively complicate Emily's plot. Then again, Victoria refusing to come to the reception could show motive as to just how much she hates Emily. The drama-factor really could go either way on this one.

However both of these thorns fare, there's just one more week till we find out the all-important question: "Who shot Emily Thorn?"

* and really that's mostly what I do here anyways