Same Love: Queen Latifah Officiates Gay Weddings at Grammys

Not to be outdone by other awards shows, the 56th Grammy Awards decided to put on a wedding ceremony for 33 "Same Love" couples. Performers Madonna, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and Queen Latifah banded together to produce a wedding ceremony for the mixture of gay and straight couples, which included Ryan Lewis' sister and her fiancé. Madonna hinted at this on the E! pre-show when she told Ryan Seacrest, "History is going to be made tonight... I want to be a part of that." Known for her bizarre stunts (the 2003 VMAs kiss with Brittney Spears, for example), it is not a surprise that she would be involved. Neither is it a surprise that Queen Latifah, who is rumored to be a lesbian, would be officiating. Of course, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' song, "Same Love" has been known as "a marriage-equality anthem" according to The New York Times.

The stage was set to give the appearance of a church with stained glass windows; however, in the song, Macklemore calls out "right wing conservatives," as "playing God" because they "think its a decision," along with churches who "preach hate" saying "their words aren't anointed."

Apparently your words are only anointed if you agree with the lefty-gay agenda.

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