Saturday Night Live Throws Millennials To The Ground

How dare you, SNL! That was insulting, and I'm sick of it. Screw off.

Do I sound mad? Well, I'm mad – hopping mad at that opening sketch. It was distasteful, disingenuous, and disgusting. Does the left really think that little of us? Do they really look down at us as if we are stupid?

No, I don't mean Republicans. I already know that's how the left thinks about Republicans. That's old news. I'm talking about SNL's portrayal of 18-29 year olds – me and my fellow Millennials.

 “...we can help job creators get you guys off this lawn and back to work. Who's ready to get back to work.”

That was Taran Killiam as Paul Ryan to a crowd of my generation. The silence would have been deafening had Taran Killam's Paul Ryan not jumped in immediately, acting embarrassed about trying to get my generation employed. Yes. Employment? How embarrassing!

If the Republican party stands for improving the prospects of employment for me and my fellow Millennials, count me in.

Now, to be fair, this little Republican bashing sketch (because, honestly, that's all it was designed to be) was set at Cochella where the crowd might be slightly less interested in working. But the insinuation was that Republicans and their message of job creation bores a childish Millennial generation. That's a taser in the backside from the Hollywood phonies right there. No respect.

Do Millennials want to work? Hell yea! We want to make paper. We want jobs to better our communities. We want a paycheck so we can donate to charitable causes. We want to be productive, positive, and pleased with life.

Is mom's basement free? Sure, and that's okay if we must. But would we rather have our own bachelors pad? Do I seriously need to answer that question???

Millennials have real world problems. We have cellphones (N.B. our dad's aren't cellphones), gas, car insurance, and a cornucopia of other things that require money. We live in an adult world, and it's time to treat us as such.

Don't look at us like slores who only want free birth control so we can be hot to trot. Don't think of us as merely an insufferable pajama boy. Don't think of us as just children. We are adults and we want to be part of your system. Don't throw us on the ground.