USA's Mr. Robot's Revolution will be Televised. But You Still Should Not Watch It.

This week’s episode of USA’s Mr. Robot saw the computer-hacker, techno-geek drama finally get over its mid-season identity crisis, and get back to its obvious intended purpose: glorifying cyber revolution for the purpose of mass income redistribution.

In an episode called “eps1.7wh1ter0se.m4v” (it’s a cyber-geek computer hacking show. What do you expect?) “Darlene” (Carly Chaikin) gets the liberal crazy-train back on the rails by doing what liberals love to do most: preaching about revolution and saving the world from the 87th floor of luxury high rise apartment buildings in Manhattan:



>>What if this all went away? The city. The money. All of it.

>>What, like a zombie apocalypse or something?

>>More like a revolution.

>>Last time we hooked up, we agreed to check politics at the door.

>>There's no middle anymore. Just rich and poor.

>>Okay, this @#$% is way too heavy for me this early. I gotta go to work.

>>Right. Solving the world's problems one spreadsheet at a time.

>>Hey, it's either suits like me or the government. We all know how well they handle things.

>>Why can't the world just take care of itself?

>>Because the world is filled with stupid people. And I get paid a lot to be smart. Hey. There's not just the rich and the poor. There's you, in the middle somewhere. The consummate survivor.

And people wonder why every leftist revolution from 18th century France to Russia to China has either failed or is doomed, besides being just painfully naïve. “Why can’t the world just take care of itself?” Seriously? What is she, five?

Note how Darlene has no actual plan for what is to take the place of the status quo after her revolutionary geek-squad rids the world of money. Her revolution is an end, not a means. A revolution for the sake of revolution. Conservative revolutions, like our own, succeed because they seek not just to remove something bad, but to replace it with something good.

Mr. Robot reminds us of many things. First, computer geeks are lame and deserve to be bullied. Secondly, it reminds us of how we end up with a multi-million dollar race hustling industry in an era with no slavery and no segregation. How we end up with a multi-billion dollar global warming industry, when there hasn’t been warming in the globe for nearly 20 years.

And that liberals have zero interest in tearing something down to build up something better. Nor can they ever admit when a problem has been solved. Because that would mean their revolutions would have to stop, and they would have to get jobs. Instead, the liberal must continue to exist in a state of perpetual revolution in order to give his life meaning and fill that large-type void that resides somewhere deep within.

Thus creating the “victims” that liberals claim to be rebelling for. Nothing more than pawns in a rather highly-publicized mid-life crisis. Sad. Just sad.