VH-1 Turns ‘Walk of Shame’ into a Badge of Honor

As if college students needed any more encouragement to exercise bad judgment.

VH-1’s new show, Walk of Shame Shuttle, gives hung-over college students, fresh from a night of debauchery, a chance to step into the adoring limelight. This TV series was the brainchild of Kellyann Wargo, a recent grad from the University of Michigan, who originally just charged a few bucks for her services of driving friends home after a night of partying. Once VH-1 got wind of the popular campus service, however, it quickly took off and became an unscripted reality show set in Los Angeles. In a recent interview, Wargo stated, “It’s definitely been the best-case scenario happening over and over again … I never thought this would happen to me.” 

Who knew shuttling remorseful, semi-wasted, college students around and getting them to spill the dirt about their sexual encounters could be such a Cinderella story?

On Wednesday night’s episode, one woman who got into the shuttle claimed that her date had taken her to a strip club where he was a regular. The drivers also discussed names for fictional sex tapes with a variety of passengers, and one customer spoke about how he went over to a gay couple’s house for a threesome. But when he noticed that they were acting odd around each other, he asked them why, and they told him, “We’re not a couple, we’re brothers.”

Needless to say, Walk of Shame Shuttle is about as trashy as it gets. For the sake of young people who hardly need another reality show praising them for poor choices, and for viewers’ brain cells, hopefully this show will not make it to its second season.