'Walking Dead' Second Half Premier -- Questions

  • So why on earth didn’t Michonne wait for the Governor to change and make him one of her dogs?
  • Wouldn’t the polite thing be to give Hershel’s head back to his body?
  • Will we see more flash backs to “Samurai Charcuterie?”  
  • I see from the teaser that the two little girls who shot the lesbian (between the frickin’ eyes!) at the end of the tank battle will be in the next one. But must they always stand together like that? All I can think of is “The Shining.” “Would you like to play with us, Daneeeeee?”
  • What must that much chocolate pudding do to your digestive tract?
  • Show of hands: who thinks Carol will show up again before the season is out?
  • Should Rick one day turn on Karl and pistol-whip him, saying “I heard what you said while I was out!”