‘The Walking Dead’: So Much for the Love Gov

Ya knew he wasn’t going to be The Love Gov indefinitely. Nope. The Governor’s back and in terrific form. The last chance for something like a new leaf was trying to run away in the middle of the night. When he drove up to the morass of live zombies, his Rubicon to becoming something else was blocked. 

Martinez didn’t stand a chance. David Morrissey, who plays the Governor, suggests that his character was more or less forced into his actions. The Gov was “struggling to stay away from that awful responsibility of leadership. He doesn’t want that,” Morrissey told Entertainment Weekly. “He wants to protect the people he loves. And he’ll do anything he can to protect them, even be subservient … He’s in that community with Martinez and I think he just wants to be a quiet civilian, really. But he sees weak leadership around him.” Well, yeah. Plus, he’s one evil SOB. 

I like the Gov’s new family as a story line – minus the obligatory feisty lesbian couple. It offers possible nice complications and conflicting viewer loyalties in the future. On the other hand, he’s expanding his little family to included the other camper dwellers, and pretty soon they’re gonna go all Manson on Rick’s Green Acres prison community (with a freakin’ TANK!

Meanwhile, there’s a whole lotta unanswered questions back at the prison. What’s the disease death toll? Just how angry is Daryl about Rick cutting Carol loose? Is Glenn worm food?

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