The 'Wayward Pines' School is a Leftist Indoctrination Dream

Last night, the ‘Wayward Pines’ episode ‘Betrayal’ brought us a creepy look inside the town’s school again. The attitude towards parents’ relationships with their children is a Leftist indoctrination dream: “Your job is to feed them and keep them safe. Let us do the rest.” School is a secretive place where parents aren’t even allowed inside the building:

-Megan: Good morning, guys. Nice to see you, Theresa. 


-Hey, Ben. Mrs. Burke. 

-Megan: Amy, will you help Ben find a biology textbook? There's a big stack of them behind my desk. 

-Yeah, sure. Come on. 

-Theresa: You know, I have not set foot inside that school or your classroom. Is there a tour or a parent/teacher conference coming up? 

-Megan: School is for children, Theresa, not their parents. Your job is to feed them and keep them safe. Let us do the rest. [ School bell rings ] Oh, that's my cue. Nice to see you. 

And if you think your school’s sex ed class is bad, wait until you see this one:

Megan: Open your books to page 17. Go ahead and look at all the pictures. [Laughter continues ] Giggle if you want. For obvious reasons, your textbooks will remain here in class. Parents tend to be uncomfortable with these sorts of images. Even biology can be misunderstood. The point is, procreation is a beautiful and blessed thing. And here in Wayward Pines, that really is your most important job. Ben, Amy. Would you step up front, please? 

Behold, the male and the female. Two bodies, beautifully designed to fit together effortlessly, seamlessly. Two perfect puzzle pieces, like hand in glove. [Laughter ] Yes, yes, it's embarrassing to talk about. But what if -- what if Ben was a bee and Amy was a flower? Well, that wouldn't be funny at all, would it? 

Wayward Pines needs a new generation. And one day, not too long from now, you all will have the honor of parenting the first generation of 100% originals. Now, take a look around the room. This is a small town. Right? Chances are, your mate -- your co-parent is sitting right here in this room. And it's part of my job as your teacher and counselor to help you find each other.

A world where the school indoctrinates children and encourages them to have sex while the parents' only role is to keep their kids alive outside of it. Sounds like a liberal utopia to me.