Why are Some on Left Catty about Caitlyn?

So the media has finally found a member of the LGBT community they feel comfortable criticizing/downplaying:  a Republican one. On Wednesday night’s edition of ET, the show led with coverage of Caitlyn Jenner going through the drive-thru at Jack in the Box. I suppose to show all men out there that just because you change the way you “self-identity,” the Sourdough Jacks and Spicy Sriracha burgers need not stop.

There is hope.

But quickly after cataloguing the latest wanderings of America’s largest symbol of societal decay, the episode turned critical. Specifically of ESPN and their decision to award Jenner with the Arthur Ashe Courage award. ET played this clip of NBC sportscaster Bob Costas letting fly in an interview where he referred to ESPN’s decision to award Jenner as “crass” and “a tabloid play.”

Next up on “The View,” Raven Simone and Whoopi Goldberg suggested that ESPN should award the honor to Lauren Hill, the 19 year old college athlete who refused to stop playing college basketball even though she was terminally ill with brain cancer, or to give the award to multiple people as opposed to just giving it to Jenner.

But why? Why are so many in the media suddenly so critical of ESPN and, by extension, raining on the parade of Jenner, the present day torch-bearer of the LGBT community they claim to love?

They weren’t this critical of ESPN when Michael Sam won the Courage Award the year he came out. Do the lefties in the media believe there’s some major difference between gays “born that way” and transgenders who undergo elective surgery? If so, then why did they bother adding the “T” to LGBT?

Is this petty jealousy by other sectors of the media who wish that they had come up with the idea to honor Jenner instead of ESPN? That’s certainly plausible in the case of Costas, employed by a network that rivals ESPN. It doesn’t explain the shots fired from the set of “The View,” an ABC program and as such owned by the same parent company that owns ESPN.

Is it just a co-incidence that the only time the leftist media even remotely pushed back against a member of the LGBT community happened to be when said member of the community drops the bombshell announcement during his 2-hour interview with Diane Sawyer that he is not only transgender but also claims the Grand Old Party as his political affiliation? Who knows? We’ll have to wait and see if the next history-making athlete to change the way he self-identifies is adorned with such fanfare.

I don’t know what side of the aisle American Pharoah calls home, but if 20 years from now he becomes a gelding and wins a Courage Award, we might have our answer.