'Zoo' Uses Tiger Circus Act to Take Shot at Human Adoption - No, Seriously!

The performing of “unnatural acts” is a very important topic to liberals. Especially, considering so much of what they do runs contrary to human, or animal nature.  So I suppose it was only a matter of time before the lefty writers at “Zoo” found a way to work the “unnatural” contrary to “instinct” argument into this show - and now they have done it in the episode "Fight or Flight."

Enter a young British couple trying to adopt a little boy from Slovenia... but the wife isn't exactly on board. As a part of their in-country trial period where they have to spend time with the little guy before adopting, they take him to the circus. A “natural,” normal, even fun thing to do for a little kid, right? Wrong! At least according to the wife, who quickly pounces on the opportunity to take a fun family gathering and turn it into a PETA spot:


-You do know this is unnatural.
-Forcing a creature to do something that... Doesn't come instinctively.


Seriously? You’re out trying to bond with a kid you’re considering removing from from his homeland, taking total responsibility for, and spending the rest of your natural life with, and your first inclination is to go on a rant about the natural instincts of animals and circus ethics? Yikes.

Also, note the not-so-subtle jab at the institution of adoption. Remember, this couple is out with this kid they’re considering adopting. And as soon as the wife delivers the line about, “Forcing a creature to do something that doesn’t come instinctively” she shoots a glare at the kid, as if to say, “Adults adopting kids is like being forced to do something that doesn’t come instinctively.”

No, adoption absolutely comes instinctively. History is full of examples of people going to great personal lengths and even risking their lives to care for children in need. What doesn’t come “instinctively,” at least to most, is abandoning children in need of a home. Or aborting children in need of life.

Most species of animals wouldn’t think twice about taking in and caring for a cub that didn’t have any parents and needed a home. Apparently, the only species that thinks that instinct is “unnatural” is the liberal.