Dancing With the Stars Candace Cameron-Bure Emerges From Her Shell in Mermaid-Themed Dance

It seems like Christian conservative darling Candace Cameron Bure is starting to emerge from her shell a little. Dressing up as Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Candace wore a two piece costume while dancing a samba alongside professional ballroom partner, Mark Ballas.

During Week 2, it was clear that Candace was struggling a bit with the sensual nature of the rumba, but she presented herself as a talented dancer and a major contender on the show. And from the beginning, Candace made it a point to mention that her outfits and performances would be “modest”, reflective of her Christian beliefs and her status as a married woman and mother of three.

“I’m not gonna be your sexy girl,” she said in the package for the show.

But from last night’s episode, it looks like Candace is starting to open up and take a few risks. While still in good taste, her costume was comprised of a high-slit green skirt and a purple sea shell bikini top which revealed her midriff.

As for her dance, Candace brought out the SEXY, causing judge Bruno Tonioli to exclaim, “It was like the rebirth of Venus!” 

During her cha-cha dance, Candace decided to let loose and just have fun with it. In the package before her performance, she had to work on her hip action and that although being the “sexy girl” isn’t her, she can play it when in character and let her confidence illuminate the dance.

While not the most sexy cha cha, she did have fun with it, and it looks like viewers are beginning to see another side to Candace. She’s still the conservative Christian girl next door, but she’s also the confident woman who can let herself be free and have a good time.