Disappointed, Disaffected and Resurgent

Viewing Obama from the left, center and right.

Americans Have Good Reason to Give Thanks

Nation can fix its problems, we just need to have faith.

Dear Mr. Buffett

If you think the rich should be taxed more, lead by example.

Times Makes Sure Some Conservative Donors Give Till It Hurts

All the news fit to print leaves out man who loaned paper $250 million.

They Say They Really Do Want a Revolution

MSNBC host Dylan Ratigan, guest talk about violent overthrow of government. Is anybody listening?

And You Thought We Had a President

Ignoring the message from the peasants, the king's procession heads to Asia.

The 2010 Election Was Bad; 2012 Will Be Worse

Conservatives have only one choice: to win they must fight with everything they have.

Old News

We've been down these roads before, in lousy electric cars.

This Year's Midterm Elections Are All about Freedom

The federal government has pursued arbitrary, rather than constitutional powers; the voters will decide if the nation will continue to drift away from freedom.

London Fog

The mother country offers a glimpse of our near future.
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