The Dog That Didn’t Bark

There is a question David Gregory didn’t ask California Gov. Jerry “Déjà vu” Brown on NBC’s “Meet the Press” this past Sunday. Gov. Brown said that the solution to our porous southern border is not to seal it but to “invest” in Mexico!  To “invest” in developing Mexico’s economy, so that there are ample jobs there, thus eliminating the need or desire to migrate here, and to “invest” in strengthening the Mexican government’s law enforcement capabilities so that it can deal with its drug cartels.

Liberals love this word “invest.” They despise real investment, and lust for punitive taxes to punish the rewards earned by real investors. But they love abusing the word.

Some of my childhood years, our family was desperately poor. In need of money to pay winter heating bills and buy a used tire for the car, a kitchen table conversation was had about what might be sold and converted to cash, expenses already having been cut to the bone. A giant china cabinet passed down from great-grandmother was emptied and sold to an antiques dealer called to the house. There was no kitchen table conversation about “investing” in anything, let alone fixing the neighbor’s fences or buying him a new bulldog. We were broke. B-r-o-k-e.

The question, finally posed in a TV commercial running for Gov. Romney, that should have been asked of Gov. Brown is: how much do you propose borrowing from China and adding to our uncontrolled, monstrous national debt in order to “invest” in Mexico.

By the way, we had six murders this past weekend in Cleveland. I imagine we could find many U.S. cities needing investment in law enforcement.

And the very idea of us investing to create jobs and build the economy of another country is ludicrous. How he or Gregory kept a straight face with that one is beyond me. That’s the axiom “those who can’t do, teach” carried to a farcical extreme. All the plants in my house have died – let me give you horticulture instructions. I’m in hock up to my eyeballs – if I can, I’ll borrow more and invest it in your home even as mine rots in disrepair. Needed: the men in the white coats with the nets, dispatched from the asylum.

How can people like Gov. Brown simply refuse to acknowledge facts? Unless and until the U.S.’s creditors (and, in his case, California’s creditors) arrive in person, take away all the credit cards and cut them into pieces, repo all the assets, and spank us and send us to the corner without supper, maybe for a decade, these criminally incompetent boobs and knowing criminals and mentally ill liberals spend and propose ever more spending as if they and we weren’t broke.

Their behavior is akin to Jon Corzine walking about a free man as if he hadn’t “misplaced” a billion dollars of money taken from investors’ accounts. Akin to the president telling us what a glowing success the GM bail-out was, even though we taxpayers still own 1/3rd of the company and it is worth less than we paid for it, even though it was saved through theft from its shareholders, that countless family-owned small businesses (including profitable ones) were destroyed in the bargain, and we taxpayers are paying people $7,500.00 to buy Volts. Facts? What facts?

We must confront every single proposed “investment” as well as every present government “investing activity” with the same, simple question: how much do you propose borrowing from China and adding to our uncontrolled, monstrous national debt in order to make or continue this “investment?”  Somebody needs to press this at every turn, at every moment until the American public grasps this is what we’re doing with every Solyndra, every unemployment benefits extension, every jobs training scheme, each successive bail-out of Fannie and Freddie, etc.

I have had a car repossessed in my life. Many people have. It’s not a good thing. It is the inevitable result of running up debts you can’t pay. The Greeks are presently having their entire lives repossessed. They don’t like it.

The worst is yet to come. The public needs told, if you let the likes of President Obama, Gov. Brown and other con artists keep “investing,” soon America and your life will be repossessed. There seems barely time left to reverse direction. Not twiddle around the edges. Reverse direction.

Let every citizen and every voter start by examining every “investment” any politician proposes with the question David Gregory should have asked – and deciding whether or not to employ or fire the politicians based on their answers.