Correcting the Record

Dear WSJ: Account Imbalances Didn't 'Cause' Recession

Real factors like monetary or fiscal policies are to blame.

Dear WSJ: Obama Calls for Responsibility, While Acting Irresponsibly

'No one can spend $1.5 billion of other people's money responsibly.'

Dear NY Times: Protectionism Isn't the Answer

Lower-cost competition comes from technological advances which alleviates poverty instead of creating it.

Dear NY Times: Hero's Impact on Stock No 'Coincidence'

US Airways' market value increased predictably as a result of pilot's heroism.

Dear NY Times: Shrinking Trade Deficit is Bad News

Fewer imports mean reduced investment in the U.S. economy.

Dear NY Times: Willie Sutton's Tax Plan

Bob Herbert wants a tax on financial transactions because 'that's where the money is.'

Dear NY Times: A Taxing Proposition

Herbert's plan claims a small tax on financial transactions wouldn't discourage business, so perhaps a per-word tax on writers should be adopted.

Dear Washington Times: Rhetoric of 'Doom'

President-elect is following common political practice of keeping the populace 'alarmed' while talking about the need for a stimulus package.

Dear Chicago Trib: U.S. Should Be Shangri-la

If spending makes the economy go-round, decades of overspending should have created a paradise - it didn't.
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