Correcting the Record

Dear USA Today: Companies Are Not 'Big Brother'

Economic competition 'discovers' what consumers like better than media or politicians.

Dear NY Times: Initiative, Not Government, Creates Prosperity

When the state takes over meeting the needs of individuals people become less resourceful.

Dear NY Times: U.S. Economy Overflows with Outliers

Free markets give unprecedented opportunities to many.

Dear WSJ: Governments Are Little Different Than Pirates

Like Somali bandits seizing ships, governments seize property under threat of personal harm.

Dear Globe: Spending Santas Will Stay Jolly

Elected officials give pork indiscriminately to the nice on their list.

Dear NY Times: Involvement Doesn't Mean Understanding

Despite youth participation in Obama's campaign, many college grads lack basic civic knowledge.

Dear WSJ: Don't Let GM Sell Taxpayers a Lemon

If GM is so innovative why do the company need a bailout?

Dear Post: Auto Bailout Will Lead to Economic Contraction

A bailout of GM, Ford and Chrysler would take resources away from productive companies.

Dear WSJ: Anti-Intellectualism on the Left and Right

Taking from the rich will enrich the poor, wage floors, politics can be 'cleansed' of special interests.

Dear Post: 'Too Big to Fail' Gets it Wrong

Failure is vital for unproductive companies, especially the big ones.
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