Update: Kid Pan Alley Admits Occupy Song Lyrics Were Theirs

After a host of conservative media outlets, including the Culture and Media Institute, exposed Kid Pan Alley for "helping" Virginia third-graders write a song praising the Occupy Movement, their director came out and apologized for its attempts at political indoctrination.

Kid Pan Alley's founder, Paul Reisler, has issued an apology and taken full responsibility for the lyrics of the song "Part of the 99." In his apology, Reisler acknowledged that "the message has been overshadowed by the use of phrases that are currently politically charged, such as 'I'm part of the 99' and 'They're the one percent,'" and that "he should have avoided the introduction of these phrases into the songwriting process."

While it's nice that Reisler acknowledges the inappropriateness of "these phrases," what about the inappropriateness of the entire song and its underlying theme? Third-graders at a tax-payer funded public school shouldn't be learning class warfare, whether it's expressed in the phraseology of Occupy Wall Street or not.

Albemarle County School Board member Steve Koleszar had previously denied that Kid Pan Alley had any involvement in writing the lyrics of the song, claiming that the lyrics were entirely written by children. But the Schilling Show found audio of the children singing "Part of the 99." The audio of the song shows that the children singing the song were coached by a song leader.

The Culture and Media Institute had previously detailed the liberal leanings of the heads of Kid Pan Alley. Big Government had also noted that Kid Pan Alley had praised Barack Obama's inauguration.

Even the head of Kid Pan Alley has now been forced to (sort-of, kinda) admit that one of his songs served as an attempt to indoctrinate third graders.