The Real Dan Savage Part II: Proudly Perverse

Part II of II

Americans tempted to turn to Dan Savage’s Seattle sex-advice column shouldn’t waste time. No matter what the question or how perverted the urge, Savage will – using the crudest possible language leavened with rabid attacks on Christians, Catholics and traditional lifestyles – advise you to go ahead and indulge.

Savage’s book, “Savage Love,” collects his column of the same name. On page after page the author and gay rights advocate scoffed at monogamy and recommended and condoned a range of aberrant sexual activities. Savage enthused about bondage, shrugged at child molestation fantasies and incest, and even encouraged a reader to indulge in his fantasy to lie in an empty tub and have a woman defecate on him.  

Even the introduction to “Savage Love” was riddled with filth. “Mostly I give advice to breeders – eating pussy for boys, sucking dick for girls, buttfucking for everybody – which is an odd job considering I’m one of those boys who doesn’t sleep with girls,” Savage wrote.

The word breeder is an offensive term for heterosexuals, and Savage often tells his readers so. “Once upon a time, ‘breeder’ was an insult – our little derogatory term for you heterosexuals. We whispered ‘breeder’ behind your breeder-backs, and some people are going to call you breeder whether you like it or not,” Savage said. The word breeder is found 80 times throughout the book – a particular irony coming from the most high-profile anti-bullying advocate in the nation.

But to Savage, bullying gays is about the only thing that’s out of bounds. “In my opinion, child molestation fantasies do not make you an evil person,” Savage replied to a reader’s inquiry.

To another, he condoned incest between a mother and son, saying, “But hey, you’re consenting adults. If you wanna bone ma, and she wants to bone you, well, more power to you.”

Long before the “50 Shades of Grey” became a popular sensation, Savage hyped BDSM. An entire section in “Savage Love” was dedicated to “Kink.”

“People once thought bondage to be an unspeakable perversion, and anyone interested in bondage was sick. These days, outside my immediate family, it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t done bondage or doesn’t want to give it a try!” Savage wrote.

Savage’s perversion isn’t confined to sex acts. He regularly goaded readers to have affairs touting “If you’re going to cheat, then cheat honest,” and responded “Fuck the sanctity of marriage, what you’re really getting is a heap of social and financial benefits. Marriage is about rights, not monogamy.”

He continued that “Only fools would build marriages with monogamy as their foundation (and only a foolish society would demand such a behavior.)”

His answer to homosexuality was a clear mockery of traditional values. “Men are not straight because they think being gay is “morally wrong,” they’re gay cuz they wanna, gotta, fuck women. What your boyfriend, as a Catholic, was taught to believe about homosexuality (no! no!) is a conflict with what his dick is telling him (yes! yes!).

Drugs and prostitution aren’t off-limits topics for Savage either. “Drugs, alcohol and sex don’t mix? Really? Get out much? Not all substance abuse is abuse,” he wrote. Elsewhere Savage stated that “The human desire for psychoactive drugs is never going away – the war on drugs, however, can and should go away.”

Prostitution? “Every problem moralists and virtuecrats cite as an argument for keeping prostitution illegal – violence, disease, child prostitution – is a problem that is either created or made worse by keeping prostitution illegal,” he said. 

This is the man who is able to reach millions of children via his “It Gets Better” bullying campaign. Although Savage is a zealous bully himself, he is endorsed by President Obama and the White House, and has said, chillingly, that  he will spread his message to children whether their parents want him to or not. Instead of hailing Dan Savage as an anti-bullying hero, the world need only read a sentence from any of his five books to see how foul the real Dan Savage is.