Media Reality Check

Occasional reports and mini-studies documenting distorted coverage and/or media omissions.

Cunanan Frenzy Buries Fundraising Again

ABC, NBC Ignore Bipartisan Immunity Vote Last Night; ABC, CBS Skip N.Y. Times Clinton Story Today

Buddhist Nun Dustup Draws No TV Time

All Three Networks Skip Thompson's Vote of No Confidence in Justice Department's Integrity

No TV Detectives for the Huang Mysteries

ABC and NBC Skip Hearings Again Thursday Night; All Morning Shows Are Missing in Action

There Are Hearings? What Hearings?

ABC and NBC Skip Hearings Wednesday Night; Only ABC Airs a Morning Story - 90 Minutes In

Illegal Donations to DNC Buried Last Night

Wednesday Morning CBS and NBC Viewers Don't See a Thing About Hearings; ABC Airs One Brief
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