MediaWatch: March 1993

Vol. Seven No. 3

Budget Reviews

"Offering a new direction for the country, President Clinton today begins selling his tough budget-cutting program to the American people." -- CBS This Morning co-host Harry Smith, February 18.

"I think regardless of what you think of the specifics of the program, the President deserved great, great credit for having the courage to come forward with a plan to deal responsibly with the deficit. Yes, there are flaws....But I think that Bill Clinton really set the nation on a new course last night in trying to deal responsibly with our problems, and make the tough choices." -- NBC's Lisa Myers on Today, February 18.

"If Republicans don't cooperate, are you prepared to make it tough on them, and remind the nation that it was Ronald Reagan who quadrupled the deficit, and cast the Republicans as the architects, new architects of gridlock?" -- Today co-host Bryant Gumbel questioning Vice President Gore, February 18.

"Wasn't it the Republican Party under the leadership of Ronald Reagan especially, and George Bush who put the country in the fix it's now in?" -- Tom Brokaw to Rep. Mike Crapo (R-Idaho), Feb. 17 Nightly News.