MediaWatch: November 1988

Vol. Two No. 10

Rather Gems

Here is a sampling of the insights Dan Rather offered viewers when he anchored CBS News election night coverage.

"In Georgia, Bush has cut through Dukakis's hopes like a jackknife through peaches."

"In the national vote...if those margins stayed that way, it would be an absolute tee-total-me-mortal blowout for George Bush."

"George Bush, out of the blocks about as fast as Flo-Jo, our great runner in the Olympics."

"Our CBS News estimate is that incumbent Republican Senator William Roth has beaten off the challenge of Lieutenant Governor S.B. Woo. Who? Woo."

"For Michael Dukakis, it isn't over for him, but his back's to the wall, his shirt tail's on fire, and the bill collector is at the door."

"In Nebraska, George Bush turns out to be the best milker on the farm getting the 5 electoral votes out here."

"Fish have to swim, birds got to fly, and Republicans have to win in Arizona, George Bush does, gets its 7 electoral college votes."

"Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, seeking a third term, has beaten back lawyer Robert McMillan. We say 'beaten back McMillan,' a lot of people thought that McMillan had as much business in this race as a moose in a phone booth."

"Well Bob [Schieffer], correct me if I'm wrong, but Wyoming's had a, both Senators been a Republican since well before Trigger was a colt."