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Study: Networks Don’t Report Dangers of Abortion to Women

The broadcast networks have a long history of supporting the pro-abortion side of the life debate. That bias reveals itself as much in what they won’t say as in what they will. Not only do ...
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CENSORED: Networks Spent 0.008% of News Shows on Abortion Videos

ABC, NBC and CBS are doing their best keep the public from seeing abortion for what it really is: the ripping apart of little baby bodies. Since the release of the first Center for Medical ...
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Media Applaud Target’s Removal of Gender 'Stigmas' on Toy Labels

 The retail store is right on target to fight gender stereotypes – according to the media, that is.
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Ted Cruz Slams ‘Passionately Pro-Abortion Media’ for ‘Hiding’ Videos

 Sen. Cruz urges Americans to “simply watch these videos.”
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A ‘Weak’ of Coverage: Networks Covered Komen 3X More than Abortion Videos

ABC, CBS, NBC show their true colors in PPFA coverage.
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‘Lone Survivor’ Marcus Luttrell, Marines Angered by PC Anti-Gun Policies Surrounding Chattanooga

 They aren’t happy about the events in Chattanooga.
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MTV Bullies Kids, Makes Them Cry To Raise Awareness For ‘White Privilege’

 New documentary celebrates bullying children to promote an agenda.
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Abortionist: Planned Parenthood’s Dr. Nucatola Like ‘Jesus Before Crucifixion’

 Dr. Willie Parker applauds friend and colleague Dr. Nucatola.
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More Michelle: ABC’s Michael Strahan Sends Twins to Interview First Lady

 ABC correspondent’s daughters attend kids’ ‘State Dinner.’
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